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If you are looking for a high yield savings account, I would recommend Marcus: by Goldman Sachs. I am a seasoned professional with a 25+ year track record of applying advanced technology to financial markets and other fields. Throughout my career, I have owned and operated self-clearing broker-dealers (DTC/NSCC participant/members) as well as hedge funds, Registered Investment Advisors and commodities and futures IBs in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles.

In the early 1990s while in college, I developed a groundbreaking back propagation neural network that successfully forecasted moves of 1% or more in the S&P500 Index. This innovative approach combined with my deep understanding of theoretical option pricing models (Black & Scholes) led me to create an algorithmic hedging strategy writing SPX credit spreads for a basket of SPDRs, generating alpha and landed me a job in Locust Valley, NY for a well known hedge fund.

Additionally, I have extensive experience in operating hedge funds, broker-dealers and FCMs for high-frequency algorithmic trading in equities as well as commodities and futures. My efforts generated over $900 billion dollars in equities transactions from 2009 to 2011 representing approximately 2% of the entire US equities trading volume. I also developed a computer based model applying Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) for active portfolio asset allocation. I have advised and participated in numerous start-up companies, including structuring a $200mm Security Token Offering (STO) for a movie studio in the Atlanta metro area. Crypto currency is an interest and hobby. I owned/operated a small solar powered Ethereum (ETH) crypto-mining operation, until September of 2022, when POS replaced POW. That is the past, now on to the future.

My Current Interests

While my accomplishments in the financial markets have been significant, my current focus lies at the intersection of Quantum Information Science (QIS), Artificial Intelligence and Psychology. I am deeply intrigued by the potential of building models that not only predict human emotional and behavioral states, but also have the power to influence them using traditional as well as non-traditional media. This cutting-edge research has resulted in a patent and several publications under a startup I co-founded with Dr. Richard Conner (ECCM/Dahlgren) and Dr. Daniel Winterhalter (NASA/JPL), I Star Advanced Technology Special FX, Inc., demonstrating my dedication to pushing the boundaries of innovation in these fields. 

Through this website I aim to showcase my expertise, share insights, and connect with like-minded professionals who share a passion for the intersection of technology, finance and the human mind. Thank you for visiting, and I look forward to engaging with you on this journey of exploration and discovery.

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* "Tetrastatum," Hard Science Fiction, Monkfish Publishing, 2019
(Co-Authored as "Tim Smith" -Nom De Plume, Dr. Richard Conner)

* "Quantum Psychothotonix," The measurement and control of human perceptions and related human behavior patterns based on space-time imaging., Deep AI, 2021
(Co-Authored, Dr. Richard Conner).

* "PT Vectors & Tensors," PSYCHOTHOTONIX defines a quantum data set of internal non-matter image states consisting of (B)ehavior (E)motion and (D)ecision in the human brain as vectors mapped to a Psychothotonix sphere moving in time., Deep AI , 2021
(Co-Authored, Dr. Richard Conner)

* "Object Image Classification: Expanding the Johnson Criteria, Detection, Resolution, and Identification as Axes on a Sphere, Integrating a Systems Modulation Transfer Function," Unpublished, 2023 (Co-Authored, Dr. Richard Conner, Dr. Daniel Winterhalter)

* "AI Signal Processing: (D)etection, (R)esolution, (I)dentification [DRI] and (B)ehavior, (E)motion, (D)ecision [BED], The Value Proposition of Enhancing Machine Vision Capabilities using The Expanded Johnson Criteria and The Psychothotonix Sphere to Model Human Perception.," Unpublished, 2023 (Co-Authored, Dr. Richard Conner, Dr. Daniel Winterhalter)

* "Developing Self Image (DSI):, A Reinforcement Learning Psychophysical Waveform, Autonomously Trained Cognitive System.," Unpublished, 2023 (Co-Authored, Dr. Richard Conner, Dr. Daniel Winterhalter)

* IMDB Tetrastatum Short, Cult Critic Award, 2019 Winner Outstanding Achievement Award -Horror / Science Fiction Marcus Carlos Rodriguez (Writer, Director, Cinematography)

* "Time Smith," Based on the novel Tetrastatum, A physicist working on a top-secret teleportation project for DARPA, desperate to discover the truth about the mysterious death of his wife and daughter, finds himself untethered in time and space on a quest that ultimately leads him to discover that our understanding of reality is a tragic misconception., 2019 (Story by Marcus Rodriguez & Dr. Richard Conner, Art Ken Krekeler)

* "Spirit of the West," Singer, Joel S. Jorgensen, Lyrics by: Marcus C. Rodriguez



Education & Certifications

Education  The Maret School, Washington, DC, High School 1988 - 1991
                  New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM, B.A. Psychology (current)

Licenses/Designations (1996 - 2014)

* Series 7, 63 – General Securities Representative, State Law Examination
* Series 53 – Municipal Bond Principal
* Series 55 – Equity Trader
* Series 3, 4 – Commodities Futures, NFA, Registered Options Principal
* Series 24, 27 – General Securities Principal, Financial and Operations Principal
* Series 65 – Investment Adviser State Law Exam
* Series 14 – NYSE Compliance Official
* CFP Certified Financial Planner Designation


*IBM Quantum Qubit by Qubit: Introduction to Quantum Computing, linear algebra, coding with Qiskit, quantum mechanics, quantum algorithms and quantum applications, 2020 - 2021

*Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate: Preparing, processing, analyzing and sharing for data driven decision making. Capstone Project: Lunatics, Werewolves & Murderers in Chicago, 2023-2024

*AI in Trading Pro: Python, CUDA, DNN, CNN, LSTM (Pytorch), Embeddings (LangChain), LLM, (ChatGPT), RL (DQN, PPO), NLP/Sentiment (TextBlob), DF(Pandas) and other libraries to develop code for an autonomous trading bot that uses sentiment (news-feeds), fundamental and technical analysis for security selection and establishing trade entry/exit points. The bot trained on a simulator as well as could enter live orders through a broker-dealer’s API once in production, 2024

Curriculum Vitae

Languages & Software

* Linux  
* Python  
* QisKit  
* AI, PyTorch, LLMs, RL  
* Excel, Google Sheets  
* SQL, Relational Databases  
* R  
* Tableau, Power Bi
* Quickbooks  


* Do They (love me)? AI, NLP/Sentiment Evaluation Human Romantic Relationships Python  
* Semantic Differentiation of the Mind AI, Photonics, A 3 Channel Quantum Data Architecture Python

Navigating the Mind

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Emotions as Time Series Data

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"People will be immersed in the concepts of translating other parallel universe ideas into visual/image interpretations of external quantum relativity theories." -Stephen Hawking

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